Republic Wireless will have an unlimited plan for $19 a month

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Republic Wireless WiFi

Remember when we told you about Republic Wireless, the virtual network operator whose smartphones will rely primarily on a Wi-Fi connection? We just learned about some pricing and service details thanks to GigaOM. Apparently, $19 a month will be all you’ll have to pay to get unlimited voice, messaging and 3G data. We don’t mean “unlimited” until you reach a certain limit. Unlimited really does mean unlimited.

So how does it all work? Republic Wireless will offer special Android smartphones that will automatically switch between an available Wi-Fi signal and Sprint’s network. Republic Wireless has purchased minutes from Sprint in bulk, which means it’s all included with the $19 a month price.

It isn’t known how much the Android phones will cost. A subsidized phone would be preferred, but it’s anyone’s guess how that will work since Republic Wireless won’t require customers to sign contracts.

A lot more information will be revealed on November 8. My guess is that Republic Wireless won’t offer top of the line Android phones, but for $19 a month, its phones will be ideal for a backup device.

Via [GigaOM]

Image Credit: GigaOM

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