You’ll soon have a Pandora button on your Roku remote

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Pandora logo

Netflix isn’t the only company that is having their service branded on remote controls. Pandora, the online streaming radio station, has joined up with Roku to expand its brand awareness. Starting this month, the Roku 2 XD and Roku LT will ship with remotes that include a button dedicated to launching the Pandora application.

This new integration may be just what Pandora needs to fight back against the onslaught brought on by other music streaming options on the web. Pandora is up against the likes of Spotify, MOG and Rdio which allow users to choose which songs and albums they want to listen to. Pandora’s music selections are randomized based on your preferences.

Spotify and MOG have also seen a big increase in memberships thanks to their free subscriptions and Facebook integration.

Soon, more than a million people will be staring at Pandora’s logo every time they pick up their Roku remote. If that’s not good advertising I don’t know what is.

Via [Pandora Blog]

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