Jawbone UP will help you live healthier for $99

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Jawbone UP

Jawbone, the company behind the Icon HD and Jambox, has a new device to help you live a healthier life. The Jawbone Up is the first product from Jawbone that isn’t sound-related, and it looks to be pretty exciting.

The Jawbone UP is a bracelet that links to an app on your iPhone to help you keep track of your everyday life. With the bracelet and app will track your movement, sleep patterns, food intake, and calories burned. With that data, Up can do things like wake you up at the right time in your sleep schedule by vibrating on your wrist, or vibrating when you’re inactive for too long (like sitting at your desk for eight hours at a time). The app can be used to take pictures of your food to help you better assess the food your eating, the idea being it would spur users to eat healthier.

To make UP more enticing to use, Jawbone has created challenges that you can tackle for points in the DailyFeats game. It’s an honest way of gamifying health. The UP device sounded strange when Jawbone first announced it, but now it actually looks like a neat device, and one that could be very useful to have, especially if you’re into stats. You can buy it right now from Jawbone, or in retail stores on Sunday. It costs $99 and comes in white, black, light blue, and red.

Read [Jawbone] via [CNN]

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