Amazon uses augmented reality to snatch sales from physical stores

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Flow by Amazon

Amazon just won’t stop picking on physical stores. The rise in Kindle books did its fair share of damage at bookstores (Borders for example), and its prices are starting to rival that of department stores. This is especially true if you’re an Amazon Prime member and get free two-day shipping. Today, a new Amazon-powered app called Flow was released in the Apple App Store. Think of it as your guide to finding a better deal when you’re shopping this holiday season and beyond.

Flow works by not only scanning barcodes and displaying Amazon prices, it also gathers product information by using image recognition software. In some cases, Flow will bring up interactive media such as videos and audio clips to accompany the results. The more things you scan, the more information will be presented on the screen.

Flow can recognize anything from a box of cereal, to a DVD and a ton of things in between. This is the kind of thing your local Walmart does not want you to use.

Download Link [iTunes]

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