Spotify makes its way to Windows Phone

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Spotify for Windows Phone Windows Phone has always has Zune Pass for music streaming, but today it gets an app for another music streaming service, Spotify.

The Spotify app for Windows Phone is hitting the marketplace today, bringing the service to its last of the major mobile platforms. The app has been in development since April, and it finally here complete with the Metro UI to make it fit with the rest of the platform. The app also uses Mango’s live tiles to show playlist information, so you don’t have to even open to app to figure out what’s playing next without opening the app again. When the app will make it into the Marketplace today, we don’t know, we just know that it’s coming.

The lack of Spotify on Windows Phone 7 was depressing until now, especially considering the fact that the service is available on other less popular platforms like WebOS and even MeeGo. This is just one step in bringing the Windows Phoen marketplace close to competing with the iOS App Store and Android Market. Personally, all I need now for Windows Phone is Comixology and Instagram to have most of the main apps from my iPhone’s home screen on the platform.

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