Barnes & Noble Nook SImple Touch gets an update and a price cut

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Nook Simple Touch Barnes & Noble isn’t gunning for Amazon’s new Kindle Touch with an update and a price cut for the Nook Simple Touch.

The major improvement to the Nook Simple Touch in today’s update in the new Best-Text font rendering. Barnes & Noble claims that the new rendering software will make text sharper and clearer on the Nook than it was before today. It also make the refreshing faster, claiming it’s now the fastest eReader on the market. Barnes & Noble is also claiming the new software pushes the Nook Simple Touch to 2 months of battery life, assuming one hour of reading each day.

In a direct hit against the Kindle Touch, the Nook Simple Touch is now $99 with “no annoying ads.” The Nook is the same price as the Kindle Touch, but the Kindle Touch gets down to that price through ads on the screensaver and home screen. The Kindle Touch still has the Kindle Owner’s Lending Library and the X-Ray feature, which the Nook SImple Touch lack, however. The price is great now, but are ads really all that bad with the extra benefits of the Kindle ecosystem?

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