Republic Wireless phones start at $99 for a limited time

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Republic Optimus

Republic Wireless has piqued the curiosity of mobile phone users. Republic Wireless abandons the way many carriers handle their services by cutting out things such as contracts, data limitations, voice minutes limitations and high monthly bills. It was previously revealed that Republic Wireless will offer real unlimited plans for $19 a month. Using this service requires a special phone, but even those won’t be expensive.

According to TechCrunch tipsters, Republic Wireless phones will carry an introductory price of $99 until November 27. Anyone who is interested has to purchase a phone using the promo code “welcome19.” The normal price for the phones is $199. Keep in mind $199 is the full price with no contracts or any kind of two-year commitment.

The first smartphone Republic Wireless will offer is the LG Optimus. The Optimus runs Gingerbread as is virtually identical to the Optimus other carriers have with the exception of its “Hybrid Calling” technology. This technology will make sure the phone primarily makes calls over Wi-Fi, but will automatically switch to Sprint’s network if Wi-Fi isn’t available.

Republic Wireless is currently taking suggestions on what its next phone should be.

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