Republic Wireless unlimited plan does have some limitations

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Republic Wireless wifi

Republic Wireless has finally revealed the details regarding its new Wi-Fi reliant mobile phone plans. Republic Wireless will use the LG Optimus to test its theory that the majority of people will use Wi-Fi to handle everyday tasks such as making calls, texting and browsing the web. Since customers will be using an assortment of Wi-Fi connections, they aren’t limited to how much they can use their phones in a given month. Once the Wi-Fi connections are lost, Republic Wireless expects customers to become more mindful of their consumption habits.

The Hybrid Calling technology inside the modified LG Optimus allows the phone to switch between a Wi-Fi connection and Sprint’s 3G network easily. Republic Wireless says most people are near a Wi-Fi network 60 percent of the time. For the remaining 40 percent, customers are limited to how much they can call, text and use the web while on a cellular connection.

Republic Wireless uses the Cellular Usage Index to check on cellular network usage. If an individual’s CUI gets too high, Republic Wireless will inform them of ways in which they can lower their usage. If changes aren’t made, Republic Wireless will send them packing. The company will tell customers how much time they have to correct things before they’re dismissed.

A customer should be safe if they use 300MB of data, 550 minutes and 150 texts while not connected to Wi-Fi.

So even though not everything is unlimited, Republic Wireless believes most people won’t have a problem staying within its usage guidelines.

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