CES Unveiled: Monster teams with Nick Canon to create NTune On-Ear Headphones

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Monster Nick Cannon NTune On-Ear Headphones

Monster’s newest pair of headphones comes from a collaboration between the company and entertainer Nick Cannon, and they’re called NTune On-Ear Headphones.

The NTune headphones are designed for the younger crowd, presumably the crowd who wants a pair of Monster headphones that aren’t Justin Bieber purple. These headphones are very light, which was the one aspect of them I was able to test out. The cans are fairly small, but that’s not a bad thing as they’re intended to just sit on top of your ears. They’re designed to be worn all day long (should you want to), and that certainly seems possible given their light weight.

The NTune On-Ear Headphones are the first headphones in the Monster and Nick Cannon NCredible line. They’ll be available this January for $149.95, which is a pretty good price in terms of Monster gear.

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