Kindle Fire to get Facebook, Netflix and thousands of other apps at release

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Amazon Kindle

Next week Amazon will release the Kindle Fire, and today we have a hint at some of the high-profile apps that will be available on the seven-inch tablet.

When the Kindle Fire releases, it will have a selection of some of the most popular apps on Android through the Amazon Appstore. Among those apps are Facebook, Twitter, Netflix, Comics from Comixology, Pandora and Rhapsody. So, while Amazon will be pushing it’s services like Amazon Cloud Player and Prime Instant Watch videos, it won’t restrict other competing service from coming to the device. That way you’ll get not only the exclusive graphics novels for the Kindle, but all the comic from Comixology; or you can choose streaming movies from both Amazon and Netflix to get a wider selection.

Of course, Amazon will also offer a selection of games for the Kindle Fire. Games from Rovio, Electronic Arts, and Zynga will be in the Appstore. Of course, those apps are already available, but it’s nice to know that the Fire will be able to play Plants vs. Zombies as well as Angry Birds and Words With Friends. Gameloft will also be bringing it’s games to the tablet.

In all, Amazon is claiming it’ll have thousands of apps ready for the Kindle Fire when it releases next week. Granted, the company had a headstart with it’s Amazon Appstore, but it’s still rather impressive to launch a tablet with so many apps available at the start.

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