Samsung plans to make Windows 8 computers by the second half of 2012

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Windows 8 Developer Preview tablet

By this time next year, we’ll have access to touchscreen computers from Samsung running Windows 8.

Samsung head of sales and marketing, Uhm Kyu Ho, said in an interview that the company will likely produce a modified version of the Series 7 slate computer running Windows 8 next year. The current Series 7 computers is a standard slate with a touchscreen and an option for a wireless keyboard, so it’d make a perfect fit for the touchscreen-capable Windows 8 when it starts shipping late next year. We’ve already seen some Samsung Windows 8 tablets, as they were given to developers at Build earlier this year. Unlike those tablets, the ones we see next year will be running the full version of Windows 8

Presumably, Samsung won’t be the only manufacturer producing Windows 8 tablets when the new OS rolls out. Expect to see a few more companies producing tablets when the OS gets a release date, which is presumably in the second half of next year. Until then, just be glad the glut of tablets we have now is Android tablets.

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