Apple’s hidden keyword bar in iOS 5 combats autocorrect

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iOS 5 keyword bar

Apple’s autocorrect system for iOS has always been a frustrating and often hilarious experience. We now come to expect iOS devices to input words that we had no intention of typing. There are even entire websites dedicated to the amusement that arises when dealing with autocorrect. Apple is well aware of this problem and are working on a way to make autocorrect more accurate. In fact, part of the solution is buried within iOS 5 in the form of a keyword bar.

iOS tinkerer Sonny Dickson found an Android-like keyword bar within iOS 5 code. If you’re unfamiliar with Android keyboards, just know this feature is great to have. As you type, a list of suggested words appears right above the virtual keyboard. Words can be input automatically by pressing the space bar, or by touching on the them. There are also keyboards that learn from every word you type to make more accurate predictions. You often don’t find yourself in a situation where you’re typing something vulgar without knowing it.

Dickson’s website also provides instructions on how to enable the keyword bar. Just remember it’s not quite ready for a public release yet.

Via [Sonny Dickson]

Image Credit: Sonny Dickson

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