Kindle Fire will come packed with Hulu Plus

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Amazon is continuing its efforts to assure potential purchasers of the Kindle Fire of the many third-party applications that will be available at launch. Today, the company announced Hulu Plus will launch on the Kindle Fire. This revelation comes just a couple days after Amazon revealed a slew of other content partners such as Netflix, Rhapsody and Pandora. At this point, Amazon is basically saying the Kindle Fire can do everything the Nook Tablet can do.

Barnes & Noble positioned Hulu Plus as one of the features that made the Nook Tablet stand out from the Kindle Fire. It’s believed B&N wanted the public to view the Kindle Fire as a shackle that would keep them imprisoned within Amazon’s ecosystem. Of course, we know that’s only half true. Amazon does want Kindle Fire owners to purchase more things from Amazon, but for those who don’t, they can still pull in content from a number of other sources.

The battle between the Nook Tablet and the Kindle Fire has advantages and disadvantages on both sides. While the Kindle Fire does provide third-party video streaming applications, it also offers videos that can be downloaded to the Kindle Fire. It takes more steps to get video files on the Nook Tablet. However, Kindle Fire owners can only play with 6GB of storage. The Nook Tablet has 16GB of storage right out of the box, minus some space for the operating system and such. The Nook Tablet is still the preferred choice for individuals that don’t want to partially live in the cloud.

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