Amazon offers $100 gift card when you buy a hotspot-enabled phone

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Amazon Wireless mobile hotspot promo

With the Kindle Fire coming next week, Amazon is giving its customers any reason it can find to buy a Kindle Fire and use it everywhere. Today it’s by offering a $100 gift card when you buy a smartphone that can create a mobile hotspot.

From now until the end of 2011, when you buy a phone that can create a mobile hotspot from Amazon, the e-retailer will give you a $100 gift card. So, as long as you buy any recent Android or Windows Phone smartphone, you’ll qualify for the gift card. To get the gift card, you ahem to enable the hotspot feature when you buy the phone, though you should be able to turn it off later. The gift card will then be sent to you within 60 days of purchase, presumably so you don’t cancel the plan immediately after getting the gift card.

The offer also extends to standalone mobile hotspots. However, those devices will only give you a $50 gift card.

With the Kindle Fire being Wi-Fi only, this seems like a smart promotion for Amazon so it won’t reflect badly on the tablet. Of course, it also means more money for the carriers when people forget to cancel the mobile hotspot features. So please, if you do decide to get the extra money, no matter what you use it for, remember to cancel the mobile hotspot feature on your new plan if you don’t plan on using it regularly. Also, go for an LTE phone like the Droid RAZR if you do plan on using it often.

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