Nook Tablet severely limits storage space for content not purchased from B&N

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Nook Tablet

The Nook Tablet is now in stores after several days of headbutting between it and the Kindle Fire. Although each tablet has advantages the other, the Nook Tablet just took a serious step back in the storage department. Even though part of the reason why the Nook Tablet is $50 more expensive than the Kindle Fire is due to the 16GB of storage the Nook Tablet has, only a small portion of it can be used for non-Barnes & Noble content.

Nook Tablet owners are limited to a mere 1GB of internal storage for content not purchased from B&N. The Kindle Fire may only have 6GB of useable storage, but it doesn’t impose restrictions like this.

Nook Tablet owners can get around this by loading content onto a SD card. In the future, B&N will enable all content to be stored in one place, but you’re stuck with 1GB for now.

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