Google Checkout becoming Google Wallet

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Google Wallet

Google has just announced that it is merging one of its commerce-related services, Google Checkout to another commerce-related service, Google Wallet. Consequently, once the two services have been fully merged, the combined service will now be called Google Wallet. This Google Wallet will in turn be integrated as a payment method for various Google services including the Android Market, YouTube, Google+ games and other Google sites which require a payment method.

The move comes right in time for the coming holiday season. For consumers like us, Google Wallet will provide a simple and safe way of paying for our online purchases. During the transition period, particiapting merchants will accept both Google Wallet or Google Checkout when you are making your purchase. To make it easier, you can use your Google Wallet username and password whether you are transacting with merchants through Google Wallet or Google Checkout. Additionally, you can use Google Wallet for both online and in-store transactions. And for those who are using the Google Wallet mobile app, Google also announced that the Citi MasterCard associated with the app will now also be available for use with Google Wallet online.

Finally, if you’re a current Google checkout user, the nex time you sign in or make a purchase online, your account will be automatically transitioned to your Google Wallet account. You can now also access your purchase history and payment information online from

Via [Google Commerce]

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