Pantech Pocket 4G-LTE phone for AT&T comes available on November 20th

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Pantech Pocket 4G

Pantech has just announced that its 4G-LTE phone known as the Pantech Pocket will be available from AT&T starting November 20th for $49.99 plus the required service contract with AT&T. The Pantech Pocket is an Android 2.3-powered device featuring a wide 4-inch SVGA touch-screen display with 4:3 aspect ratio. According to Pantech this is perfect for watching videos, gaming, e-reading, navigation, web browsing and more. The screen is also large enough to accomodate a fully-functional virtual keyboard. Other features of the Pantech 4G include – slim form factor, easy-to-grip and durable exterior, extra large removal battery, 5.0MP camera and Amazon Kindle and Google eBooks for your e-reading needs. Of course, don’t forget that it also boasts of 4G connectivity speed. Pantech Pocket 4G will be available from AT&T retails stores as well as from AT&T wireless site on the mentioned date.

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