Nook Tablet flaw lets you install apps Barnes & Noble doesn’t want you to have

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The Nook Tablet and Kindle Fire each have their own app stores. Amazon wants you to get all your apps from the Amazon Appstore, and Barnes and Noble keeps customers locked into Nook Apps. Well, you just can’t keep people from finding exploits in the system that will let them to do just about whatever they want. The Kindle Fire can technically access the Android Market, and now the Nook Tablet can download apps that aren’t approved by B&N. The only difference is you don’t have to root the Nook Tablet to take advantage of this find.

According to The Digital Reader, apps such as the Amazon Appstore, Kindle, Kobo and others can be installed on the Nook Tablet by performing a little workaround. The exploit is found inside the Nook Tablet’s browser. If you try to download and install an app using the web browser, the Nook Tablet should prompt you to allow the use of third-party applications. Once that’s done, you can install the apps.

The apps still won’t be visible along with content from B&N, so you’ll have to manually search for them. Once that’s done, the apps should be listed the next time you start a search from the Nook Tablet’s homescreen.

The Digital Reader also suggests installing a home replacement screen for easier access to apps you download.

This workaround gives the Nook Tablet a bit of an edge over the Kindle Fire. Not only is it a simple process, you also aren’t risking bricking your device.

Via [The Digital Reader]

Image Credit: The Digital Reader

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