The music section of the Android Market hits smartphones

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Android Market music

At around 7:45pm Eastern on Wednesday, my browsing of the Android Market was interrupted by a sudden force close. When I relaunched the app, the music section of the market was starring me in the face. Google detailed the addition of the music store in the Android Market during its Google Music event on Wednesday. You should check the Android Market on your device to see if the update has been pushed to you as well.

The music section is designed just like the apps, games and book sections of the Android Market. The “Featured” page showcases tracks Google thinks will appeal to the most people. The likes of Drake, Coldplay, Busta Rhymes and Pearl Jam can all be seen on the front page. Google has free tracks from all these artists. You’ll also see the daily free track and the artist of the week from the main screen.

Scrolling to the left in the music section will bring up over 20 genres. There are also categories for the top albums and top songs. You can also launch into the newly updated music app right from the store.

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