Sling Media releases SlingPlayer app for Facebook

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SlingPlayer for Facebook

Sling Media has just made its SlingPlayer for Facebook app available but only if you have a Pro-HD or SOLO Slingbox unit running the latest firmware. According to Sling Media, SlingPlayer for Facebook lets you watch your home TV right inside Facebook as soon as you’ve installed the SlingPlayer app and signed in with your Sling account. The Facebook app works like SlingPlayer for the web so if you’ve used the web-based interface, you’ll be alright using the Facebook app as well. The app also lets you use the on-screen remote for watching and controlling your TV, program and manage your DVR, watch live TV or recorded show. And since it’s on Facebook, you’ll also be able to share your shows and your friends can “like” and comment on them. The release of SlingPlayer for Facebook adds to the several options available for using your Slingbox and joins the apps released by Sling Media for Android, iOS, Windows desktop and Mac OS X. If you have the Pro-HD or SOLO Slingbox, you might want to try installing SlingPlayer app for Facebook. And if you do, feel free to tell us how’s the experience so far.

Via [SlingPlayer for Facebook] and [The Verge]

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