Netflix gets exclusive rights to new Arrested Development episodes

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Arrested Development

The resurrection of Arrested Development is one of the best examples of what can happen when dedicated fans stand up for shows they believe in. Fox canceled Arrested Development in 2006 after three seasons. It was a show that was adored by critics, but could never pull in the ratings necessary to sustain its survival. After being off the air for more than five years, it was revealed Arrested Development will return with a new season and a movie. We now know Netflix will be exclusively debuting the new season in 2013.

Netflix didn’t reveal how much it spent to secure exclusive rights to Arrested Development.

This is a great move by Netflix to win back the many customers it angered with its price hike and Qwikster fiasco. Arrested Development holds a very special spot in the hearts of millions of viewers, and those sentimental feelings will be passed on to Netflix.

The fact that a company like Netflix reportedly beat out the likes of Showtime to acquire a hit show also shows the industry just how serious this online video streaming thing has become. Netflix could shape its own little premium network if it keeps making exclusive deals like this.

For the record, the future of Community isn’t looking too good right now. Netflix may want to keep an eye on that one.

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