Droid RAZR selling for a penny through Amazon Wireless

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Droid RAZR

It’s amazing how quickly phones can drop in price. The Droid RAZR, which was just released on November 11 for $299.99, is now selling for a penny from Amazon Wireless. The standard two-year contract agreement is still required to secure the price. It also comes with free two-day shipping.

The RAZR is also eligible for Amazon’s $100 gift card promotion. The only catch is you have to activate the mobile hotspot feature when you order the phone. The gift card will make its way to you after about 60 days after purchasing.

This is by far the best deal on the Droid RAZR we’ve seen so far. Motorola also said the RAZR is getting Ice Cream Sandwich in early 2012, so that’s a plus.

Site [Amazon Wireless]

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