LivingSocial joining in on Black Friday and Cyber Monday craziness

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LivingSocial Black Friday

Black Friday deals are very exciting to look at. A 42-inch television for $199? That’s something myself, and a lot of other people would love to have. The problem is that there are going to be a ton of people in line with that very thought, and only a handful of them will walk away happy. For everyone else that’s not willing to brave the crowds, there’s online shopping. LivingSocial is just one of the companies taking the online approach with Black Friday and Cyber Monday. It’ll be dishing out deals starting at 5am on Friday.

LivingSocial will have 50% off deals on products from Verizon Wireless, OfficeMax, Sketchers, BlueFly, Skype, Electronic Arts and others. While specifics on most of the deals are understandably being kept under wraps, LivingSocial has revealed it will offer $5 subscriptions for select magazines.

These deals will continue from Friday through Monday.

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