Samsung Galaxy Nexus launch “confirmed” for December with Verizon Wireless

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The last we had heard in terms of the Verizon Galaxy Nexus release came a few days back when a rumor popped up calling for the release date to be December 8th. And well, while that seemed a bit strange at the time, we were and still are running out of time for a November release. That being said, it looks like December will be it, though as of now we have not heard anything further in terms of the 8th. The latest details are coming by way of a Business Insider report where they have stated that a Verizon Galaxy Nexus release has been confirmed for sometime in December.

“We just got confirmation from Samsung that the Galaxy Nexus will launch on Verizon in December instead. Still no word on pricing or an exact release date.”

And once again, things seemed to have shifted back to Verizon. So how about it Verizon — Are you ready to make this official and put an end to these silly rumors?

Via [BusinessInsider]

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