Netflix launches ‘Just For Kids’ interface for the Nintendo Wii

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Netflix launches 'Just For Kids' interface for the Nintendo Wii

The folks over at Netflix have recently made it a bit easier for parents to allow their children to watch Netflix television and movies without having to worry about them stumbling onto something they should not be seeing. The latest bit for kids comes only on the Nintendo Wii and is the “Just For Kids” interface. More specifically, it is the same Just for Kids section, however now when you start Netflix on the Wii you will have the option to choose only this section which leaves the child free to explore and discover and watch what they want with little risk of inappropriate material showing up. That being said, the details are coming by way of David Watson who is the director of product innovation at Netflix

“When you launch the Netflix app on Wii you can choose the Just for Kids section, letting the kids browse without worrying if they will come across content not intended for young viewers. Visit the Just for Kids section in the Netflix Wii app and you’ll find a world of TV shows and movies suitable for children 12 and under.”

Via [Official Netflix Blog]

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