Latest Evernote for iOS update brings improvements for text editing, sharing and more

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It looks like the latest Evernote for iOS update has come available. This update is currently available in the iOS App Store and will bring your version number up to 4.1.6. And similar to previous iOS versions of Evernote, this one remains a universal app with support for both the iPad and iPhone. Otherwise, Evernote for iOS requires iOS 3.0 or later and is available as a free download. That being said, Evernote for iOS 4.1.6 brings a few new features including a rich text editor for the iPad (running iOS 5.0) as well as the ability to stop sharing notes and “other assorted bug fixes.” Breaking those down a bit further and here is what the Evernote Blog had to say about the improved text editing on the iPad;

“We’ve made significant improvements to our note editor in iOS 5 on iPad. You can now edit anything. No more simplifying notes. No more appending. Just go in and edit whatever you like. Add an image to a note, and it appears right inline. We’re also now allow indenting, multi-level lists and the app does a much better job of preserving styles.”

In addition, there was also some improvements for text editing on the iPhone, however it was noted that the “iPhone does not yet have the full editing capabilities of the iPad.” Moving onto the ability to stop sharing, here is how that breaks down;

“Evernote for iOS lets you easily share individual notes with friends and colleagues over Twitter, Facebook and email. As great as sharing notes is, sometimes you want take a shared note and make it private again. Now, Evernote for iOS lets you do that. To stop sharing a note, tap on the Share icon at the bottom of the note and select Stop Sharing. This shared note will no longer be accessible to anyone but you.

You can now revoke sharing of any individual notes shared from any version of Evernote. You will not be able to stop sharing notes that were shared prior to this update.”

With that, those using Evernote on an iOS device may want to fire up the App Store.

Via [Evernote Blog]

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