Glif+ makes iPhone photography better

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One of my favorite iPhone 4 and 4S accessories just got a bit better today with the announcement of the Glif+ and Glif +Pack. The Glif is a tripod adapter for the iPhone 4/S and today it just became better with two new add-ons.

The Glif +Pack adds The Ligature and The Serif. The Ligature is pretty ingenious as it screws into the Glif’s tripod hole and then can attach to your keyring. It solves the problem I tend to have of not actually having my Glif on me all the time. The Serif is a stabilizer that attaches to the Glif to make your iPhone more secure. With The Serif you can orient your tripod anyway you want without having to worry about your iPhone falling off. The video below shows The Serif holding an iPhone while the tripod is being held upside-down, and even when on a Gorilla Pod attached to a bicycle.

The Glif +Pack is for those who already bought the Glif, and holds just The Ligature and Serif for $12. For those who maybe didn’t get in on the Glif Kickstarter last year, the Glif+ features everything for $30. To make that deal even better, the Glif+ package even turn into a tiny tripod.

This is the Glif. from Studio Neat on Vimeo.

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