Apple offers free shipping until December 22

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Apple Free Shipping until December 22 Apple may not be participating in Cyber Monday sales, but it does have some nice perks for those who wants to buy Macs, iOS devices, or accessories online.

From now until December 22 Apple will be offering free shipping for anything in it’s online store. To qualify for the free shipping, all you need to do is buy $50 worth of items from Apple’s website. Considering the prices on Apple products, it means that almost anything save for smaller accessories will qualify for free shipping. Along with the shipping, Apple is also offering free engraving for iPods and iPads, and signature gift wrapping (for an extra $5).

It shouldn’t be a surprise that if you want you new Apple product to arrive overnight, or 2 days later you’ll need to pay a bit more, but if you’re buying it as a gift you probably don’t need it the very next day.

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  • Zhennan Li