Amazon Kindle just saw it’s best Black Friday ever

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Amazon Kindle Family

Another Black Friday has passed, which means it’s time for Amazon to brag about how many Kindles it sold without giving any numbers. According to Amazon, this year’s was the best Black Friday in the history of the Kindle line.

This year Amazon sold millions of it’s new Kindle family, with four times as many Kindle seeing sold this Black Friday as last year’s. That includes the Kindle Fire, which was Amazon’s best selling product across the entire store. A lot of those Kindles were bought in multiples, with many people buying on for themselves and another for their friends or family. Target and Best Buy also saw great sales for the Kindle family, though those retailers wouldn’t give any numbers, either.

With the $199 Kindle Fire it’s no surprise that the Kindle family was so popular this Black Friday. It’s the iPad competitor for those who can’t afford an iPad, or who just want a smaller screen. The fact that there’s also the new Kindle, Kindle Touch, Kindle Touch 3G, and Kindle Keyboard as well certainly didn’t hurt. With Kindles ranging from $79 to $199 there’s no real surprise that they’re selling well, it’s almost an impulse buy for people who love to read.

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