Rumor: Galaxy Nexus pre-orders will be available with Verizon on November 29th

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The last we heard in terms of the Galaxy Nexus and Verizon was that the handset would be available for sale beginning on December 8th. And well, while it looks like that date will stand in terms of availability — the handset is expected to come available for pre-order later today. Now keep in mind, these details have yet to be confirmed by Verizon. But that being said, ComputerWorld is reporting that they have received a “trickle of reports” pointing towards pre-orders going live on November 29th. Time will tell just how accurate these reports are, but otherwise, we are still curious as to what the launch price will be. After all, there were reports suggesting $299.99 and also $199.99. Of course, the obvious is there in that we hope to see the Galaxy Nexus launch at $199.99, however a bit more realistically — we tend to think it will launch at $299.99.

Via [ComputerWorld]

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