Gadgetell Review: Huawei Honor Android smartphone

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Huawei Honor Android smartphone

Huawei sent us a review unit of the their soon to be released Android smartphone called the Huawei Honor (U8660). To tell you frankly I wasn’t expecting anything much about this phone. I thought it was just another Android smartphone which will offer minor upgrades to other previously released Huawei smartphones. But I was wrong. I mean, can you call a phone packing an 8MP HDR-capable back-facing camera, large 1900mAH battery, 1.4GHz processor a mid-range device? Definitely not. So after using the Huawei Honor for almost a week now, here’s what we have to say about it.


Compared with one of Huawei’s previously released smartphones, the Ideos X5 which we had the honor of reviewing before, the Huawei Honor did away with the classic look and matte finish on the back part. What you’ll have is a white, glossy back panel which mimics look of the white iPhone 4S.

Up front is a 4-inch, FWVGA capacitive touch screen which is said to be featuring a 16M 16:9 true color HD display. True enough, the Honor’s display quality is not too far from the Samsung Galaxy S II’s Super AMOLED screen. The phone display web pages and text quite clearly and sharp. The only gripe about the phone’s display size is that it’s a bit narrow or maybe I was just accustomed to the larger screen of my SGS II.

Huawei Honor Android Smartphone Screen Display

On the upper portion of the display you’ll find the phone’s earpiece and the 2.0MP front-facing camera and the notification LED on the top right corner. Below are touch sensitive keys for search, back, home and menu options. At the back you’ll find the 8MP HDR-capable camera, LED Flash and speaker grille. While on the sides are the familiar buttons such as – volume rocker, 3.5mm jack, power on/off, and USB port.


The Huawei Honor that we received is running Android Gingerbread OS version 2.3.6. Previously, it was announced that the phone will run Android 2.3.5 and we’re not sure which version will be running on the final version of this device. Anyway, comparing Android 2.3.5 against Android 2.3.4 running on the SGS II, I can say that there’s not that much different between the two. You’ll still get almost the same speed and performance when using and switching between apps.

Huawei Honor Android Smartphone

The Huawei Honor also comes with Gyroscope for better gaming. Unfortunately, as mentioned the phone’s screen is a bit on the narrow side so, displaying games can be quite limiting.

The phone is also DLNA-certified, which means you can share photos, music and videos with other DNLA devices that you own. The other apps are pretty much standard and you can grab anything you like from the Android Market.


As mentioned the Huawei Honor comes with a large-capacity battery. This additional points for the points usability and performance. The device’s battery life is simply fantastic, lasting up to almost 3 days on a single charge with regular usages of the phone’s functionality. If you’re like me who is annoyed by the SGS II’s battery consumption, the Huawei Honor simply beats the SGS II to the punch.

Performance, speed and overall usability of the Huawei Honor is pretty decent. You’ll experience no lag or errors while using it. For the past couple of days, I have yet to experience app crashing while using the device.

The devices 8MP camera is pretty outstanding as well. While the front-facing one for video chat is pretty decent as well.

Final Words About the Huawei Honor

Huawei may not be as popular and as much celebrated as the smartphones of Samsung, HTC, Motorola, Apple and other major manufacturers, but it is not to say that the company is not capable of coming out with a very good, highly-advanced Android smartphone. The Huawei Honor is a living example of what Huawei’s capabilities are when it comes to manufacturing Android smartphone. The Huawei Honor is one, very good smartphone that should make Huawei proud. The only thing left now is whether Huawei is bent on releasing the Honor in the United States and for how much. Hopefully, the price range would be competitive or better yet, very affordable.

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