Indoor maps comes to Google Maps for Android

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Google Maps indoor

Google Maps for Android got an update today that adds a nifty feature. Indoor maps for certain locations such as malls and airports are now available. You can use these maps to find your way through locations you aren’t familiar with. You won’t get to see what the insides of the buildings actually look like (not yet at least), but what’s there is enough to get you navigating with confidence.

Depending on the type of building you’re looking at, you’ll get to see the layouts of each its floors. The picture to the right is an indoor map from the Indianapolis International Airport. Since I spent quite a lot of time in this airport, I can say the map is very accurate. You can see the various restaurants, stores baggage carousels and restrooms that are in the airport.

Other new features in Google Maps include disabling screen dimming in navigation mode, a menu for switching between features and a new home screen for Places.

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