Spotify gets its own app platform

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Spotify Apps

Today Spotify announced it’s “New Direction” by adding in the ability for third-party developers to build on top of its music platform. The new pas build on top of Spotify’s music library to offer features like curated playlists, lyrics, and local playlists.

Spotify Apps will be built right into the current Spotify app, with the App Finder appearing in the left sidebar right above playlists. At launch Spotify has apps from, We Are Hunted, Rolling Stone, The Guardian, Pitchfork, TuneWiki, and SongKick. The first two will help with personal music discovery, while the three major publications will offer curated playlists from editors and artists. TuneWiki will bring in song lyrics like it does with it’s mobile apps, with the lyrics syncing up with the song as it plays. SongKick will show you what bands will be playing in your area, and let you listen to their music on Spotify.

Those are just the current launch apps, with more to come in the future. Hopefully the new apps will help Spotify with music discovery, something Spotify currently isn’t very good at. In time smaller developers might find something more interesting that really adds to Spotify, but for now the apps seems a bit obvious. If you want to try out Spotify Apps right away, a beta build of SPotify with the App Finder should show up on the Spotify Previews page shortly.

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