Samsung Droid Charge finally receives Gingerbread

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Verizon Wireless Samsung Droid Charge

With Ice Cream Sandwich on it’s way to many smartphones in the near future, the Samsung Droid Charge is ready to still be one major update behind. Verizon and Samsung are finally pushing Android 2.3 out to the 4G smartphone.

The Gingerbread update for the Droid Charge should be arriving soon, and will add a few new features to the phone. The update will add a download manage app to help keep track of all downloads that aren’t apps. Charge users will also see a changed UI with new widgets and icons, as well as improved copy/paste, improved security, and an increased vibration sensitivity. Verizon has a PDF of the full changes here, and while there are a few none of them are particularly ground-breaking (not that they would be anyway).

To get the update, you have to wait for it to be pushed out via OTA. After you get the notification you can either install it then, or install it manually later, by going into Settings > About Device > System updates.

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