Amazon Santa App for iPad and Kindle Fire makes kids’ wish lists easier

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Amazon Santa App

Amazon has created an easy way for kids to create wishlists for Santa, assuming you have an iPad or Kindle Fire. The app is called Amazon Santa, and it’s a visual way for kids to create lists for Santa.

For the kids the app shows a selections of over 500,000 kid-friendly toys, games, movies, video games, books, and TV shows that they can add to their list. All the kid has to do is select the items they want from the grid Amazon provides (or they can search by name), then click “Send to Santa.” Seems like a fairly straightforward method for any kid, though you’ll want to help any kid who might have trouble reading.

For parents, the wish list gets sent to them via Amazon. From there can can edit the list and send it out to family and friends who would want to see it. To avoid duplicates, Amazon will tell you what gifts others already bought, which is always a useful feature to have when ti comes to buying gifts.

The Amazon Santa app is available now for the iPad and Kindle Fire, it’s free on both platforms. It’s a bit odd that Amazon doesn’t have a version for other Android tablets, but I guess that’s part of the lock-in for the Kindle Fire.

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