YouTube gets a major redesign

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new YouTube

Google continues to redesign everything in its path. Next on the list is YouTube, and chances are the new design has been pushed to you already. This isn’t a mass rollout of the Cosmic Panda experiment that took place some months back. YouTube has gotten a complete facelift that brings the video content you want to see front and center. In some ways, the new YouTube is reminiscent of Facebook in that the most recent activity is in the center of the page, whereas the navigation controls are restricted to the left side of the page.

The content from the channels you subscribe to on YouTube are now the first thing you see after logging in. YouTube will show you the most recent activity made by channels including uploads and videos the channel owners liked. Video activity from your Google+ contacts and Facebook friends will also appear in this category, but you have the opportunity to filter out everything besides video uploads.

YouTube also has categories on the homepage for videos that are trending and popular.

It seems to me the redesign will make finding those new YouTube exclusive channels all the more easier to find once they launch.

Via [YouTube Blog]

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