Hulu Plus gets exclusive rights to show all episodes of Community

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Community Netflix gained a lot of favor when it revealed it secured rights to exclusively distribute new episodes of Arrested Development in 2013. It will forever be known as the company that helped bring back a show that was adored by a lot of very dedicated fans. Hulu just announced a similar agreement involving Community. Hulu Plus is now the only place to watch every episode of Community.

Hulu Plus subscribers will also be able to watch new episodes of Community the day after they air on television. The first two seasons of Community are also available in high definition. As with any other program offered through Hulu Plus, Community can be watched on any device that has a Hulu Plus application.

This news could have given Hulu an even bigger shot in the arm if we actually knew if Community is returning to NBC after the network’s midseason schedule has aired. Community is adored by people that actually watch it, but wasn’t doing well in ratings overall. It’s currently under the threat of cancellation.

Via [Hulu Blog]

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