How to get rid of the Special Offers on your Kindle — for free

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How to get rid of the Special Offers on your Kindle -- for free When buying a Kindle there are a few options these days, of which one is whether or not to get a Kindle with Special Offers and save a few bucks as compared to the model without the Special Offers (advertisements). Me personally, I went with the new Kindle and choose the Special Offers model for $79. And since having had the device for a while, I can say this — the ads are un-obtrusive. Still, I suspect that many who were cheap upfront have since decided they dislike the advertising. And with that, Amazon does offer a way that you can pay to have those ads removed. The Amazon process is simple to do and will set you back $30. Of course, we suspect that some will want to remove those ads for free. And that being the case, it looks like there is now a method to do just that. The process is detailed on the Y24K blog and well, while I am not going to be following the process because of concerns with future software updates from Amazon, the process does seem to be detailed thoroughly enough that most anyone should be able to get rid of the ads if they choose. Bottom line, if you want to try and remove the ads from your Kindle with Special Offers — hit the link below.

Via [Y42K] and [Lifehacker]

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