AT&T drops the price of the original Motorola LapDock to a much nicer sounding $50

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AT&T originally released the Motorola Lapdock (with support for the Atrix 4G) earlier in the year and did so with a rather high price tag. The Lapdock was originally $500 if it was purchased alone or a slightly lower $300 if purchased along with an ATRIX 4G. And well, coming a bit more recent is a price drop. A significant price drop at that. As of now, AT&T is selling the Motorola Lapdock for just $50. Well, more specifically they are selling it for $299.99, however it comes with an online discount of $249.99 which drops the price down to $50. Bottom line, if you have an Atrix 4G smartphone with AT&T and have been tempted to pick up a Lapdock, this seems like the best time to do just that. Of course, while the lower price is nice to see, we do have to remind you of the not so nice part, the use of the Motorola Lapdock requires you to have the AT&T DataPro 4GB plan which will add a few bucks to your monthly wireless bill.

Via [AT&T] and [phoneArena]

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