Purchase an iPad 2 with RadioShack, receive $100 in gift cards back

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RadioShack iPad 2 promotion

RadioShack is running an interesting promotion on the Apple iPad 2 tablet. While we’re not sure how long RadioShack will be running the promotion, it should last through the Holiday season to generate iPad 2 sales and sales of other RadioShack products.

Basically, if you purchase the iPad 2 from RadioShack using their special credit card, you will receive a $50 gift card that can be applied to any purchases in-store and another $50 prepaid Visa gift card that can be spent anywhere. It’s sort of disappointing to see RadioShack require customers to purchase the iPad 2 using RadioShack’s credit card, as opposed to cash or other credit card, but I can see why they would want this.

In any event, if you’re looking to purchase a quality tablet as a gift for a loved one or yourself, then you may want to consider buying one from RadioShack and taking advantage of the $100 cash back.

Via [RadioShack Twitter]

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