The Mozilla Story reminds you of how bad the web was before Mozilla and Firefox

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The Mozilla Story

Last week we found out that Google Chrome has surpassed Firefox as the number two browser in the world. On top of that, a deal that Mozilla had with Google which provided 84% of Mozilla’s revenue ended last month. So, Mozilla put together The Mozilla Store to remind of us of why the non-profit is important.

The short video recalls the closed, walled garden days of AOL before there was much alternative for most people on the web. Not only was the content limited, but what content you had was laden with pop-ups that we more than a bit annoying and fairly dangerous. Then Mozilla came along and brought us Firefox after Netscape was dead. Firefox became the default browser for most anyone who knew what a browser was, and it’s helped change the web into what it is, or at least that’s the vibe given off by Mozilla’s video.

Mozilla is using the video as a way to raise some funds for its future. The non-profit could use some help to keep moving forward, it seems. Google is taking away many of the techies, and Microsoft’s Internet Explorer still remains the go-to choice for those who aren’t exactly tech-savvy. Not to mention the fact that Google, Microsoft, and Apple have not only desktop browsers, but mobile browsers that they can link up. As the web trends towards mobile, Mozilla needs to do something new instead of just trying to copy Google’s method of fast-moving desktop updates.

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