Amazon Kindle Fire users complain of Wi-Fi issues

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Amazon Kindle

Having a Kindle Fire arrive on your doorstep can be exciting, until you open it and find it won’t connect to you Wi-Fi network. That unpleasant scenario is one that some users have said they experienced when they received their Kindle Fires.

Some users have have taken to Amazon’s forums to comment on the broken or spotty Wi-Fi in their Kindle Fires. Some users say that their Fires simply can’t connect to wireless networks. Others have no problem connecting to access points, but once connected they can’tactually access the Internet. Some have said that sideloading the v6.1 update to their tablet has fixed the problem, while others are still having problems.

Amazon hasn’t acknowledged the issues as of yet, so for now those experiencing problems have to deal with it individually, it seems. Not being able to connect to the web with a device that’s made for taking advantage of the cloud is a pretty big problem, so with any luck Amazon will just quietly fix the issue with the next update, or just ask replace the broken tablets for those that don’t want to sideload updated. For now, if you have problems with the Wi-Fi on your Kindle Fire, just know you’re not alone.

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