Galaxy Nexus visual voicemail app now available, still no sight of the phone itself

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Visual VM Sam Galaxy Nexus App

Verizon Wireless has recently released the Galaxy Nexus visual voicemail app to the Android Market. Surprisingly, this comes earlier than the highly anticipated release of the Verizon Samsung Galaxy Nexus phone itself. The Android app lets you access and manage your voicemails so you won’t have to dial Voice Mail. It also lets you listen, erase or reply to messages and immediately respond vial callback or text. It also supports 4G LTE network and will charge you a monthly subscription fee of $2.99 to be charged to your Verizon Wireless bill. Sounds like a good app to have, right? Unfortunately, it’s supposed to work with the Samsung Galaxy Nexus phone only. And we all know that the phone is still nowhere in sight. But if there’s one positive thing that this news brings is perhaps the fact that Verizon is already on its way to releasing the phone in the coming days. It’s already a few days in to December, let’s hope that this app is a step towards the official release of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus via Verizon.

Product [Galaxy Nexus Visual Voicemail App], via [TheDroidGuy]

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