Sprint Mobile Controls lets you track and control your kids’ phone usage

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Sprint Mobile Controls

Sprint has announced a new way of keeping track of your family’s phones, assuming they have Android smartphones. Sprint Mobile Controls will make it easier to track how your kids use their phones, and even let you remotely lock them down during certain parts of the day.

Sprint Mobile Controls gives you a web-based read out of just how your kids us their phones. It’ll show when they use their phones, and who they’re contacting the most. It’ll even let you lock it down at certain times to make sure your kid isn’t abusing their phone. For instance, if you child is texting during school, you can lock it down to only receive your calls during that time, or you can prevent them from texting at night when they should be sleeping. You’ll also be able to view what apps they’re downloading, and how often the apps are used. There’s an option to allow up to three apps to be used when the phone is locked down so it doesn’t become completely useless during those times.

There is an argument here for invasion of privacy. especially with older teenagers. But, if you want to keep track of everything your kid is doing with their phone now you have the option. You can sign up right now for a 30 day trial, after which time the service will cost $4.99 per line each month. Right now the feature is only available on Android, with BlackBerry and “other operating systems” available “in the coming months.”

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