Motorola explains why updating to Ice Cream Sandwich takes so long

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Do you own a Motorola device and are wondering if and when you are getting Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich? If so, Motorola has some information it wants to pass on to you. In a recent blog post, Motorola announced it is looking at Ice Cream Sandwich and how its devices will respond to it. Motorola will reveal which devices will get Ice Cream Sandwich over the next month or so. Until then, Motorola wants everyone to know what goes into porting a new version of Android to any given device.

According to Motorola, the single flagship device that ships with every new major version of Android is called the “Google Experience Device.” In the case of Android 4.0, that device is the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Once that phone was released, Google made ICS open source which means developers can access it, and put it on their devices. At this point, Motorola has to make customizations based on carrier requirements and Motorola’s own software. If these steps go smoothly, it’s on to bug testing.

The bug testing process has to go well enough to gain carrier approval. After all, selling a buggy product makes all parties involved look bad. The carrier approval process can take months to complete. After that final step is complete, the update is pushed to customers.

So far, Motorola has confirmed the Droid RAZR, Motorola Xoom and the Family Edition and the Droid Bionic will be upgraded to ICS.

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