Evernote Hello for iPhone tries to make it easier to remember new people

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Evernote Hello

Meeting new people and trying to remember them later can be difficult, and Evernote wants to help with it’s new Evernote Hello app for iPhone.

Evernote Hello has a fairly simple idea: when you meet someone new, launch the app and hand them your phone where they can input their name, contact info, and a photo. The new person’s info is then added to a mosaic in the app that shows all the people you’ve met since you started using the app. When you tap on a photo you can see the history between you and the contact, including meetings you both attended and any Evernote notes that may relate to that person. Of course, you can edit each contact’s information whenever you feel the need to.

The idea behind Evernote Hello certainly seems interesting, but it also seems like it might seem a bit odd at first to just hand your phone to each person you meet. This could potentially catch on, but it’ll take a while for it to become the norm. Especially since this is iPhone only at the moment, it leaves Android, Windows Phone, and BlackBerry users out in the cold. Maybe it’ll come to those platforms at some point, though.

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