Evernote Food stores you food photos

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Evernote Food

Sometimes you want to take pictures of your food to remember it later, but not share it in an app like Foodspotting, that’s where Evernote Food steps in.

Evernote Food is a simple idea: take pictures of you meals so you can remember them later. Of course, as you’d expect from an Evernote app, you then get to add notes and/or tags to your photos. That way you can easily search your photos so you can find that wine again, or just to to remember that one meal you had at a family gathering. You’ll still be able to share your photos, whether through Facebook, Twitter, or email. The photos will also sync to you Evernote account, so you can access them from the desktop or web app as well.

The app seems like something you could already do with the original Evernote app, but this is designed for just the single use, which is nice. Evernote Food is available for iPhone for free, just like every other Evernote app.

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