Twitter launches new design for web and mobile

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New Twitter redesign

Today Twitter announced a new design for both the website and iOS and Android apps.

The new design is a bit different from the old New Twitter, and is supposed to make it easier to follow things you care about on Twitter. There’s now four different elements of Twitter: Home, Connect, Discover, and Me. Home is where you see your timeline, as you’d normally expect. Connect is where you see not only your mentions, but also who favorited tweets, who’s following you, and just general activity across your network. Discover is a new way to find hastags, links, and trending topics from across your network and all of Twitter. Me, as you’d expect, shows your profile, lists, saved searches, and your DMs.

Right now the new design is only available on iOS and Android, with the web rolling out over the next few weeks. Using the new design for iOS and Android will get you early access to the web view, though. The new designs look great on all great platforms, but the usability of the iOS app is questionable at best. Maybe it just takes some getting used to, but iOS apps like Tweetbot and Twittelator are so much easier to use than the new Twitter for iPhone.

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