Google Currents transforms your news into digital magazines

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Google Currents

Google released a free smartphone and tablet app in the Android Market and Apple App Store today called Google Currents. Google Currents is Google’s answer to apps such as Flipboard which helped make viewing web content on mobile devices a more elegant experience. Google has teamed with more than 150 publishing partners such as Forbes, 500px, Fast Company and more to kick off its new app. When you click on the icon for these publisher’s content, you’ll be brought to a clean looking page with nice images and the stories that accompany them.

You’re not just restricted to content from Google’s publishing partners. You can also pull down content from your Google Reader feed. Those feeds won’t have all the bells and whistles such as customized headers like Google’s publishing partners have, but you can still read articles just as easily. Google Currents also has trending stories pulled from the top five stories in several categories.

Google also introduced a tool for publishers to design the layout of their content when it’s viewed in Google Currents. The Google Currents Producer platform looks like it takes minimal design experience to create something attractive enough to read. Google is doing all the heavy lifting anyway.

Google Currents can also pull down streams from Google+ and Twitter. Video streams can be synced as well.

Google Currents’ best feature is its ability to cache synced articles for offline reading.

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