Google Currents .apk file available for non-U.S. users

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One of the letdowns about Google Currents is it’s only officially available in the United States. Therefore everyone who doesn’t live in the states had to look on as the rest of us went on and on about how nice Google Currents was. Fortunately for Android users, access to virtually any app is just an .apk file away. Thanks to a member of the XDA forums that goes by the handle of “shenye”, the file needed to install Google Currents on non-US Android devices is now available.

Installing the file is super easy. You can either click on the .apk directly from the forums and install it straight from your device, or you can download it on your computer and transfer to your phone later.

Google Currents was also released for iOS, but unfortunately there is no known way to get the app onto iOS devices outside of the United States at this time. Even if there is, it most likely involves doing some things that are really not worth the hassle.

Via [XDA Forums] Read [SlashGear]

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